“At ECHEM we are very proud to launch the PSM initiative across Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources back in 2018. Through our collaborative partnership with Egyptian Methanex we have managed to raise the level of awareness across the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical sector in Egypt by holding two main events in 2018 and 2019 with attendance of over 800 participants from the sector.

The nature of our operations and projects poses high risk to operators and surrounding communities. It is our responsibility as good corporate citizens and community partners to do everything we can from the concept selection phase until we decommission a facility to reduce process safety risks. This simply means keeping our process fluids in the pipes and having the means to manage any potential release through solid emergency response plans. We will continue to support the development of the CCPS 20 Elements of Risk Based Process Safety procedures as well as the Safety Case regime throughout our organization, ventures and with our partners.”

- Chemist Saad Helal, ECHEM Chairman