Our Story

In 2018, Methanex Egypt saw an opportunity through its partnership with ECHEM to enhance PSM within the Petrochemical sector. Methanex, in partnership with ECHEM, hosted two conferences in 2018 and 2019 that brought a total of 800 representatives from across Egyptian Petrochemical, and Oil & Gas sector companies where world renowned speakers ran PSM focused workshops. This allowed for establishing a common understanding of PSM within the industry catering to the huge appetite within the sector to establish and implement PSM systems.

As a result of the rich dialogue started through the two PSM events, a committee from all holding companies of the Egyptian Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals sector and Methanex Egypt was formed to create a shared vision and enable the embedding of PSM within all companies operating in Egypt.

Building on this momentum, the MoU between the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and Methanex Egypt came to life in February 2020, creating a framework over a three-year period for a PSM agenda and roadmap for the Egyptian oil and gas sector.